Terms and Conditions

Check-In Instructions

CHECK-IN 4pm Central Time - 12273 US Highway 98 S.R. 30 West (Emerald Coast Parkway). #113 Miramar Beach, (Destin) FL 32550
We open 9am and closed Sunday and Holidays. In the slower season we may also be closed on Saturday. Closing hours vary with the season, and may close as early as 2p.m. Central Time. Call us 2-3 days before arrival to get the code for the box at our office on U.S. Hwy. 98. (See location directions below) It is a bicycle type lock on about a 4ft. tall green and white wooden "birdhouse" beside our office door. Be sure you are on the right (west) half of Holiday Plaza, by Spa 98 and About Face Blinds. Once you get our 4 digit code, line the numbers in a row with your thumbs, then push up, then pull down, as the bicycle type lock is spring action. Look for your name on an envelope inside that has directions to the property you have rented, and depending on the property it may have the internet code, gate codes, car pass or other important instructions. To lock it back, scramble the numbers and lock padlock.

When we are closed, for urgent messages call 850-837-6836 and it will go to one of our cell phones--do not email when closed.

Check-Out Instructions
Check-out is by 10a.m. Central time

Leave property: 

  • Reasonably clean/picked up. You do not have to vacuum or clean glass table tops, however, if excess sand, please sweep or vacuum it up. Please do not rinse sandy swimsuits, etc. in the tubs as it stops them up. 
  • Furniture/beds moved back to original placement 
  • Tv's and DVD's moved back to original placement and verify operational if you moved them 
  • Garage clickers left in unit 
  • Dishes clean.  Please do not put away dishes that did not come all the way clean. These dishwashers are not top of the line like you probably have at home, and need to be rinsed good before starting dishwasher. The housekeepers do not check all of the dishes, pots, etc. that previous guests have washed and put away.  If they are not all clean, it is probably due to not rinsing. 
  • Trash- Bagged and placed all during your stay in proper outdoor receptacle 
  • Beds - Do not strip or make beds. Do not pile up blankets/spreads/towels or leave in washer or dryer 
  • Carpet/furniture/linens - No stains or cigarette burns 
  • Pets - Not allowed in any of our properties 
  • Smoking - Not allowed inside units
  • Keys - Lock doors and if you were given keys, bring keys back to us.  If closed, drop in the front of the "birdhouse" by our front office door in the circle like a bird would make a nest--just the keys, no papers, or it will jam the slot.  We will know they are your keys, as they are stamped with unit #. They do not belong in the combo padlock section that is for check-ins. 

Payment – Advance reservation payment of 50% of total rental or $250, whatever is greater, is required at time of booking, payable by personal check (if received more than 30 days prior to arrival) or Visa/MasterCard. In addition, some properties require $100-$300 deposit (houses $500 and up). Balance is due not later than 45 days before arrival (90 days on houses). Interest accrues to rental company, who is compensated by unit owner. Published rental rates are subject to change without notice prior to confirmation of booking. We reserve the right to correct misquoted rates due to human and/or computer error.

Deposit & Check-Out Requirements – Details on website. To avoid charges to your account: No damage beyond normal wear and tear; Reasonably clean/picked up; Furniture/beds moved back to original placement and TV's and DVD's operational. Trash bagged and placed in proper outside receptacle; If cans outside such as houses and townhomes, must be carried out each day to prevent excessive build-up; No stains on carpet/furniture/linens, or cigarette burns (Note: Henna tattoos and suntan lotion stain linens); NO PETS; NO SMOKING; Dishes clean; Do not strip or make beds; Lock doors; Return all keys to our office, do not leave in unit, and do not give to security guard. Leave all remote controls and garage remotes in unit.

Cancellation/Shortened Stay – Your advance payments will be refunded, except for the individual property service/cleaning fee (minimum $125), if written notice is received at least 30 days prior to arrival, except houses 90 days, and monthly 120 days notice, otherwise forfeit all advance payments and deposit unless we rent the unit to someone else for the same amount of rent. No refunds for hurricanes, illness, inclement weather, or water/marine/beach conditions. Insufficient check or stop payment/re-issue check charge $45. Refunds are within 30 days. Travel Insurance may be purhcased that covers many things.

General – Each unit is individually owned and furnished by unit owner and cannot be sublet. A unit is assigned but not guaranteed. We reserve the right to change to another of similar size and location and will attempt to contact you beforehand. Each building is managed by an owner’s association whose rules you must abide by, or be subject to eviction. Many companies rent units, while only one manages the outside such as the pool, grounds, and security. Towels or clothing not allowed to be hung on railings or visible from street or beach; Garages kept closed; Quiet time and pool curfew usually 10 p.m. – 8 a.m.; Children must be accompanied at all times by parents or guardians; No loud music, skateboarding, running, or diving in pool. If property has a pool/hot tub, renter accepts the risk of the pool and specifically agrees no minor children shall swim in the pool without continuous supervision. Under three must wear swim diaper and rubber pants when using pools (children not allowed in hot tubs). State Fire Code prohibits use of gas/charcoal grills on balconies or within 10 feet of any structure. No fires on beach. Owner nor management are responsible for unsatisfactory internet service, malicious or unethical acts, or violation of federal or copyright laws.

Parking - Limited Parking – Sealoft, Costa Vista, and Costa del Sol have limit of max 2 vehicles per unit. At Sealoft all but 1 of units has a garage, and one of those spaces is in the garage, with only one outside. No properties allow RVs, campers, motor homes, trailers, or boats. At Costa del Sol the HOA has a towing contract that does not give advance notice of being towed, and there are only 3 extra spaces for the entire 30 unit complex.

Keys – All keys must be returned to us, not the security guard, and not left in the unit. You will be charged $15-$25 per key, depending on the type key. If you are locked out when we are closed, you call and pay a locksmith to let you in.

Maximum Occupancy – 1 Bedroom – 4 (6 if have bunkbeds); 2 Bedroom – 6; 3 Bedroom – 8-10, depending on property. See property description on the unit for more details and larger properties.

Maintenance - You are responsible to report any maintenance problems to us during your stay, to minimize further damage. Management, staff, or maintenance can enter unit during your stay without notice, even if you have not reported any problems. Owner nor rental company are responsible for accidents, injuries, or loss of money, jewelry, or valuables of any kind.

Pets - Pets are not allowed. If you bring a pet, you will be required to leave immediately, with no refund. We cannot guarantee that units have been pet or smoke-free. Very few units allow smoking. Rental company is not liable, nor are there any refunds, if anyone has reactions from any allergies.

Young Adults (under 25) – No rentals to vacationing students or young adults (under 25) unless one parent/guardian for every two under the age of 25 must stay in property each day/night. Names/age/contact information of each person required at time of reservation, and verified again with i.d. at check-in. Keys or code will not be in a lockbox, and only given when all parents/guardians are present in our office. This is monitored closely – violators will be evicted with all payments and/or deposits forfeited in accordance with Florida Statutes. Reservations made under false pretense are null and void, check-in will not be allowed, nor be allowed to stay in the property. This policy includes parents or guardians who made the reservation and who do not check in, and/or who leave during the stay. No chaperoned groups allowed anytime.

Weddings, Receptions, or Rehearsal Dinners not allowed in our properties unless you have prior written approval. Subject to eviction with no refund of any payments or deposits. You are responsible for contacting Okaloosa or Walton County, and/or City of Destin to ascertain if you need a permit for the wedding.

Miscellaneous – Daily maid service is not provided. A small initial supply of bath soap, dishwasher detergent, and toilet tissue is provided. No towels, linens, or blankets from the unit can be taken to the beach. You need to provide your own beach towels. All units have central air/heat; fully equipped kitchens with dishes, cookware, silverware; and TV, DVD or video.