Check-in/Check-out Information & Driving Directions

12273 U.S. Hwy. 98 West S.R.30 (Emerald Coast Pkwy.)
Holiday Plaza # 113 
Miramar Beach (Destin) FL  32550

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Check-in Instructions

We open 9am CST and closed Sunday and most Holidays. In the slower season we may also be closed on Saturday. Hours vary with the season, and may close 2p.m. CST and 4pm. At our office on U.S. Hwy. 98. (See location directions below) is a bicycle type lock on about a 4ft. tall green and white wooden "birdhouse" beside our office door.  Be sure you are on the right (west) half of Holiday Plaza, by Spa 98 and About Face Blinds, not the left (east) where another rental company has a concrete box.  Once you get our 4 digit code, line the numbers in a row, then push up, then pull down. Look for your name on an envelope inside that has directions to the property you have rented, and depending on the property it may have the internet code, gate codes, car pass or other important instructions.  To lock it back, scramble the numbers and lock padlock. 

Properties are scheduled to be clean by 4pm Central time, however, in the busy season it may take longer. You are welcome to go on to the beach. You can also go to the pool if available, and if there is a locked gate to the beach, you can get that code from us.  

When we are closed, for urgent messages call 850-837-6836 and it will go to one of our cell phones-- DO NOT EMAIL When the office is closed.

Driving Directions

From Mid-Bay TOLL Bridge Hwy. 293 from Niceville, passing Lulu's and Destin Commons, TURN LEFT (EAST) onto 4-6 lane Hwy. 98 (Emerald Coast Pkwy.) even tho the sign says Destin to the right. (If you go straight ahead you will run into the Scenic 98 that runs along the beach. If turn right, you will pass Super Wal-Mart on your right and be into downtown part of Destin). Pass Destin Commons and Bass Pro Shop (on left, north), the Crystal Beach Dr. LIGHT, then LIGHT at Regatta Bay Blvd. (golf course), then LIGHT at Backyard Burger.  Just after this on right 36500 street number, then blue sign on right BEACHES OF WALTON COUNTY and the numbering system totally flip-flops. Then see 12889 on right at Miramar Plaza, then Fountain Plaza on right,  then CVS Pharmacy on right at intersection of Holiday Rd.  Then see 12469. We are 1/4 mile east of the Holiday Rd. light, on 98, on right (south) big sign Holiday Plaza 12273.  Make HARD RIGHT INTO PLAZA, look for #113 on right side, MERRIOTT ON STUCCO BLDG. If gone too far, you'll pass Seascape, I-Hop and Silver Sands Outlet Mall is 1.5 miles east of us on opposite side of road.

From Hwy 331 Bridge from Freeport, turn right (west) onto Hwy. 98, continue on about 5 miles, passing a LIGHT at Hwy. 30A, passing a LIGHT at Mack Bayou Rd., with Sacred Heart Hospital on right (north), becomes 6-lanes in this area, passing Grand Blvd. Town Center (P.F. Chang’s on right), then Applebee’s on right, then the LIGHT at large intersection at Sandestin Resort (Hilton). Continue on Hwy. 98, passing a LIGHT at Ponciana Blvd. at Silver Sands Outlet Mall on right (north), then LIGHT at I-Hop (on left), car wash by Geronimo St. on left, then Seascape Golf Resort, then our Holiday Plaza 12273 is on left, across from Gold's Gym.  Make HARD RIGHT AFTER TURN INTO PLAZA, look for #113 on right side, MERRIOTT ON STUCCO BLDG.  You’ve gone too far if you come to the light at Holiday Rd. (1/4 mile farther) where Smith’s Antiques and Tom Thumb big gas station are.

From Ft. Walton Beach Bridge (Brooks Bridge/Okaloosa Island) continue 5 miles on 4-lane Hwy. 98 over Destin Marler Bridge (not a toll), continue on 4-lane 98 past LIGHT at Stahlman, LIGHT at Benning, then LIGHT at Beach Dr. (just past Donut Hole), then LIGHT at Gulfshore Dr. (by Target), Airport Rd, LIGHT, next LIGHT at Hampton Inn, then Wal-Mart LIGHT (on left, north), then LIGHT at Matthew Blvd., then LIGHT at Destin Commons (on left) & Mid-Bay Bridge Rd. – Hwy. 293. Then follow Mid-Bay Bridge directions above (first paragraph).

Check-Out Instructions

Check-out is by 10a.m. Central time

Leave property: 
  • Reasonably clean/picked up. You do not have to vacuum or clean glass table tops, however, if excess sand, please sweep or vacuum it up. Please do not rinse sandy swimsuits, etc. in the tubs as it stops them up. 
  • Furniture/beds moved back to original placement 
  • Tv's and DVD's moved back to original placement and verify operational if you moved them 
  • Garage clickers left in unit 
  • Dishes clean.  Please do not put away dishes that did not come all the way clean. These dishwashers are not top of the line like you probably have at home, and need to be rinsed good before starting dishwasher. The housekeepers do not check all of the dishes, pots, etc. that previous guests have washed and put away.  If they are not all clean, it is probably due to not rinsing. 
  • Trash- Bagged and placed all during your stay in proper outdoor receptacle 
  • Beds - Do not strip or make beds. Do not pile up blankets/spreads/towels or leave in washer or dryer 
  • Carpet/furniture/linens - No stains or cigarette burns 
  • Pets - Not allowed in any of our properties and no smoking in the property
  • Lock doors and bring any keys back to us.  If closed, drop in the front of the "birdhouse" by our front office door in the circle (facing the parking lot) like a bird would make a nest--just the keys, no papers, or it will jam the slot.  We will know they are your keys because they are marked. They do not belong in the combo padlock section that is for check-ins. 

Have a safe trip home and come back to see us soon!